What We Do

Business and Financial Disputes

AFHS LawFirm assists both local and foreign clients in their negotiations and represents them before the relevant court or arbitration tribunals. Our lawyers have represented clients in business and financial disputes from the lowest level up to the Supreme Court. Over the years our lawyers have handled a wide variety of cases involving banking and finance, distributorships, debt recovery, product liability, anti monopoly, international trade, shipping, shareholder disputes, insurance and reinsurance, employment, tax and construction. Our lawyers also have extensive experience representing corporations who were named as defendants in class action and citizen lawsuits.

We have extensive experience advising and representing clients in domestic and international arbitration. When necessary, we can work with our colleagues in foreign jurisdictions where seats of arbitration are located.

We also have successful experiences in enforcing foreign arbitral awards.

Bankruptcy and Court Sanctioned Restructuring

We assist clients in both bankruptcy and court sanctioned restructuring. We have been active in this field since the reintroduction of the Bankruptcy Law in 1998. We are also licensed and experienced in acting as the receiver/administrator in bankruptcy and court sanctioned restructuring cases.

Anti Corruption and Corporate Crime

We work with companies to promote integrity. We can assist clients in ensuring that members of their organizations comply with the prevailing anti corruption policy and law. We can assist clients in the following affairs:

  • Assisting companies or their executives in corporate crime matters
  • Providing advice on issues related to Anti Corruption Law
  • Preparing internal anti corruption policy and, for clients who already have their global anti corruption policy, helping them to ensure that the policy applicable in their Indonesian entity is in line with Indonesian law
  • Campaigning clients anti corruption policy
  • Providing ‘In house’ training and all relevant anti corruption policies
  • Investigating any indication of violations
  • Facilitating the enforcement and implementation of findings

We can also support clients in: Preparing raid procedures, training members of the company on raid handling issues, providing raid hotline.

Corporate Commercial

We help clients conduct business in Indonesia. We assist clients in negotiating their commercial contracts and fully document the process ensuring that the agreements reflect clearly what the parties have agreed and that those agreements are fair to our clients.

When advising clients, we do it efficiently in a straightforward manner. When we think that there is a legal issue, we will work to find possible solutions for our clients.

Legal Management Service

We also provide the Legal Management Service. The purpose of the Legal Management Service is to ensure that our clients’ legal matters are handled effectively and efficiently. 

For those clients who do not have their own in-house legal team, our Legal Management Service team will help to ensure that they do their business properly by having good records of corporate legal activities and have their contracts and licenses up to date.

Below are what our Legal Management Service team can do for our clients:

  • doing a check up on legal documents (agreements, licenses, resolutions, reports)
  • preparing operational guidelines
  • organizing our clients’ legal documents
  • reminding our clients when the expiration of agreements and licenses is imminent
  • reminding our clients when the due date of their reports or any legal obligations are approaching
  • assisting our clients in handling the renewal of licenses, extension of agreements and submissions of regular reports
  • reminding our clients of the schedules for their company’s executive meetings
  • assisting our clients in preparing documentation of executive meetings, from the invitation up to the notarial deed when necessary


We can help clients with employment matters. We offer our clients clear, real-world legal advice on new legislation and judicial practice as well as practical insight from multiple perspectives across the full spectrum of employment law. Our services on employment matters include:

  • assisting clients in establishing and terminating employment relationships
  • assisting clients in restructuring their organisation
  • assisting in clients large scale employment termination
  • assisting clients in human resources compliance issues


We are fully licensed to provide our clients with tax legal advice and to represent our clients at the tax courts. We also help clients in managing their regular tax issues.