Welcome Emerson Yuntho!

AFHS LawFirm is proud to welcome a prominent anti-corruption and compliance expert Emerson Yuntho. Emerson is an alumnus from the Faculty of Law of Gadjah Mada University. Emerson is one of the most prominent anti-corruption figures in Indonesia. He is very well known for his wide experience in overseeing numerous corruption cases in Indonesia. 

Prior to joining AFHS LawFirm, Emerson was in charge of leading The Law and Judicial Monitoring Division in the Indonesian Corruption Watch (ICW). In ICW, Emerson conducted various anti-corruption projects, including monitoring corruption cases in corruption trial, conducting research and analysis on anti-corruption policy, and evaluating anti-corruption policies made by the government, law enforcement entities, and the Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). He was also active in overseeing the elections of government officials, including the selections of Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission leaders, Chief Judges, and Indonesian Protection of Witness and Victims Institution leaders. 

Joining AFHS LawFirm, Emerson is committed to implement his professional experience in the business arena and he will surely strengthen our Anti-Corruption and Compliance practice.

We look forward to working with Emerson in assisting our clients on the matter.