Welcome Our New Interns: Aliefia and Cindy!

We would like to welcome our new interns, Aliefia Widyas and Cindy Shafira, who have successfully passed the selection process…

ALB Indonesia Rising Stars 2024

We are delighted to announce that our Partner, Ivand Sinatra, has been recognized as a Rising Star by Asian Legal…

Welcome our new interns: Maulidya, Gemma and Amalia!

We would like to welcome our new interns, who have successfully passed the selection process among other exceptional candidates

Past Releases

2024/02/27Welcome Our New Interns: Aliefia and Cindy!2024-02-27 12:00:20
2024/02/27ALB Indonesia Rising Stars 20242024-02-27 11:58:29
2024/01/03Welcome our new interns: Maulidya, Gemma and Amalia!2024-01-03 07:05:27
2024/01/03Introducing Our New Partner: Hans Edward Hehakaya2024-01-03 07:00:14
2024/01/03Introducing Our New Partner: Robby Reza Simanjuntak2024-01-03 06:58:13
2024/01/03Introducing Our New Partner: Ivand Sinatra2024-01-03 06:54:54
2023/10/09Bankruptcy Law Insight2023-10-09 12:15:56
2023/10/09Welcoming our New Intern!2023-10-09 12:13:10
2023/10/09Top 10 influential Dispute Resolution Lawyers by Business Today Law Awards 20232023-10-09 12:11:43
2023/09/16Welcome to our New Interns!2023-09-16 06:30:58
2023/09/16Hendarto Pakpahan is Now an Advocate2023-09-16 06:29:13
2023/09/04Perkembangan Regulasi Nilai Ekonomi Karbon (NEK) di Indonesia2023-09-04 15:52:50
2023/09/04Highly Regarded Lawyer by IFLR 10002023-09-04 15:49:18
2023/07/11Introducing our New Associate!2023-07-11 08:59:48
2023/05/25Benchmark Litigation Asia-Pacific 20232023-05-25 16:32:03
2023/05/25Benchmark Litigation Asia-Pacific 20232023-05-25 16:29:41
2023/05/04Rising Law Firm of the Year in ALB SE ASIA Law Awards 20232023-05-04 18:34:09
2023/03/14The Prohibition of Spreading Fake News in Any Media2023-03-14 08:10:43
2023/02/16Corporate Crime in the New Criminal Code2023-02-16 11:45:21
2023/01/30Sekolah swasta wajib miliki lahan sendiri?2023-01-30 20:30:48
2022/12/21The 2022 Indonesian Advocates Association (“PERADI”)’s National Working Meeting.2022-12-21 09:01:57
2022/12/21Chambers Asia Pacific Rank2022-12-21 08:58:45
2022/12/01Chambers and Partners Ranking2022-12-01 10:45:14
2022/12/01Introduction New Associate2022-12-01 10:41:11
2022/10/11Finalist of ALB Indonesia Law Awards 20222022-10-11 05:09:23
2022/07/15The Supreme Court Regulation No.3 of 2022: Welcome to Virtual Mediation2022-07-15 07:37:27
2022/06/10Open Recruitment Legal Intership2022-06-10 05:45:36
2022/06/10New Associate2022-06-10 05:44:31
2021/10/31The Asian Legal Business: AFHS LawFirm is One of the Indonesian Firms to Watch2021-10-31 21:42:07
2021/10/19AFHS LawFirm signed a Cooperation Agreement with ALSA Indonesia on 18 October 20212021-10-19 12:33:21
2021/10/02AFHS LawFirm gains regional recognition2021-10-02 06:03:22
2021/10/01Welcome Novita Cahyani Harjono Putri!2021-10-01 11:28:51
2021/03/04Kumpulan 45 Peraturan Pemerintah dan 4 Peraturan Presiden atas turunan dari Undang-undang Cipta Kerja (Omnibus law)2021-03-04 20:13:22
2021/01/21Perubahan Peraturan Pertanahan dan Perseroan Terbatas oleh Omnibus Law2021-01-21 23:29:39
2021/01/21Siaran Pers Pemberlakuan Pembatasan Keg. Masyarakat2021-01-21 23:26:24
2020/11/18Nouzula Amouriza Goufe is Now an Advocate2020-11-18 22:35:56
2020/11/09Welcome Ria Galang Islamiyati Suyitno!2020-11-09 06:02:02
2020/11/09Omnibus Law2020-11-09 05:59:55
2020/11/09Stamp Duty Law2020-11-09 05:58:05
2020/06/09Siaran Pers dari Pemerintah Propinsi DKI Jakarta2020-06-09 13:21:46
2020/04/08Kompilasi Peraturan Terkait Dengan Covid-192020-04-08 10:11:49
2020/03/09The Opening of Our New Office in Surabaya2020-03-09 12:52:01
2019/12/03Bankruptcy and Suspension of Debt Payment (PKPU)2019-12-03 09:53:37
2019/11/06Aprilda Fiona and Lotty Siagian Have Been Appointed as the Board of Indonesian Receiver and Administrator Association (AKPI)2019-11-06 07:25:16
2019/09/18Franchise Business in Indonesia2019-09-18 08:50:51
2019/08/19Investing in Indonesia!2019-08-19 10:25:09
2019/08/02Happy 1st anniversary AFHS LawFirm!2019-08-02 03:19:51
2019/07/19Welcome Emerson Yuntho!2019-07-19 03:30:12
2018/11/24Highly Regarded Lawyer in Restructuring and Insolvency (International Financial Law Review-2019 edition)2018-11-24 23:19:45
2018/09/20AFHS LawFirm and HukumOnline held a workshop on Anti Money Laundering2018-09-20 02:03:54
2018/07/27AFHS LawFirm and the Indonesia Corruption Watch held a Discussion on Anti Corruption2018-07-27 02:05:53
2018/05/09Robby Reza is Now an Advocate2018-05-09 02:07:22